Jeff Upton - Executive Broker

Jeff Upton - Executive Broker

Jeff Upton

I moved to North Central Arkansas after living in Florida for five years.  As a military retiree, I've longed for a home - a place to go back to from all my travels.  I have found it in Clarkridge, where I live with my wife of nine years.  I have a blunt, no excuses work ethic I developed from growing up on a farm and then working with the Marine Corps and the Army for twenty-two years.  I am painfully honest and believe in complete clarity in all things.  To me, a half-truth is a complete lie, so be prepared if you ask me a question!  I never mean to sound ugly, so if I come across like that, I mean the other way!

I love to be outside.  I enjoy hiking, kayaking, fishing, gardening, foraging - just staying busy in general.  I love to learn and work hard because I believe you can have anything you want in this world if you work for it and help others achieve their goals and dreams.  As a military retiree, I understand the value of training and continuously developing your skill sets to make you better at your chosen endeavors.

My wife and I are both Executive Brokers and are part of a dynamic team at Baxter Real Estate Company.  We would love to work with you in your real estate journey.